Sudha Sanmarga Marabu - சுத்த ச‌ன்மார்க்க‌ ம‌ர‌பு

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Question :
சுத்த ச‌ன்மார்க்க‌ ம‌ர‌பு , ல‌ட்ஷிய‌த்தை பார்த்தோம்.
இந்த‌ சுத்த ச‌ன்மார்க்க‌ ல‌ட்ஷிய‌த்தை அடைய‌ "சுத்த ச‌ன்மார்க்க‌ சாத‌ன‌ம்" எது என‌ வ‌ள்ள‌லார் கூறுகிறார்?

Answer :
The sadhana or yoga of suddha sanmarga is twofold:paropakaram or compassionate behavior towards other beings and sath vichara or spiritual enquiry. Spiritual enquiry covers a lot of ground such as devotion towards god, self enquiry, meditation on the agna chakra, vasi yoga at agna chakra, kalpa system of food, transferring activities and functions of the body below the neck or pinda to the head or anda and having vision of Arutperumjothi at the centre of the head and bringing it forward throughout the body and transforming all the three billion cells of the body into cells of wisdom-light. It is a vast science of transmutation and transformation of the physical body into a pure body then into a letter-body and then finally into a divine body of wisdom-light. What evolutionary force did in the course of 3.5 billion years, man is expected to perform in a single life time. Burnt out trees are turned into carbon which in turn is turned into diamond under the earth in millions of years by enormous amounts of pressure and heat. The process is duplicated in the laboratory in a few seconds. In the same way the transformation of the physical body into a light body can also be accomplished by giving it enormous amounts of pure heat generated by love and compassion towards all beings and devotion to god at the chit sabha or the life spirit of man. Those who want more details are requested to listen to my lectures on sanmarga.
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