Vasi yoga

Vasi yogam, is the advanced type of pranayama. It is not breathing through the nostrills. It is a form of inner breathing. By this method your breath is at the initial stages hitting the pineal gland and activating it. At present the pineal gland is secreating seratonin, it has got 2 functions, it will make you go to sleep, it will give you the sense of place and time.

Both these senses are essential for worldly activities. But the same advantages become disadvantages in the inner practice of yoga and meditation. The conquest of sleep and the limitations of time and space is called spirituality. So when you are practising vasi yoga, slowly the secretion of the seratonin will dwindle and melatonin will start secreting then you will easily enter into the inner domain of meditation. The yoga literature of the world have gone only so far, but vallalar says there is one more stage then your spirit will start secreting nectar or amrita by imbibing this nectar, the physical body will be transformed into a pure body or sutha deha.

But these are the effects of vasi yoga. As for the process of doing it, it should be learnt directly from a teacher who has already learnt it. Because it cannot be taught online.

This is a dangerous practice. Instead of going through the 8 limbs of pathanjali yoga, the siddhas have devised a short cut to attaining samathi, the last stage of yoga.
If you do it in the wrong way, you might have breathing trouble. you might even have headache and other side effects.More over your consciousness could get locked in. That is why this is not taught online or by book.

So please don't mistake me. If you could come in person I will teach you.

There is no bar, provided you are a vegetarian. For 1 year you should not have taken any kind of non-vegitarian food including eggs. If this condition is fullfilled anyone could learn vasi yoga.
Otherwise the curse of the siddhas will be upon my head., I believe you would not like it.

Vasi yoga is the most advanced type of pranayama. At the final stage your external breath would be suspended and the inner breath will be initiated by the Lord, says swami Ramalinga Vallalar.

" வாசி நடத்தி தருவாண்டி - ஒரு
வாசியிலே இங்கு வருவாண்டி "

Please listen to my speeches on CDs about vasi yoga.

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  1. Hi,

    I am already a meditating vethathiri maharishi meditation for past one year. I am willing to learn Vasi yoga. Please give the contact number of Vallalar sanmarga sangam contact details... :-)

  2. சன்மார்க்க அன்பர் குப்புசாமி அவர்களே,
    Very useful information. Could you please give us the contact information.
    Thank you

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  4. Dear Sir,

    Do you still teach vaasi yoga? I would like to learn from you.


  5. Saint Ramalinga, popularly known a 'Vallalar' is the greatest saint of Tamil Nadu, India. He is known for his conquest of death and transformation of his body into light that is immortal.

    I have my doubts on the transformation of the body into light....does that mean the body just dissappeared? As per the law of nature, the soul have to leave the body which was formed on the earth and it only goes back to the earth.

  6. The foremost aim of suddha Sanmarga of Vallalar is to realize Godhead and become God himself. God is omnipotent and has no birth and death. This was accepted by all the religions and spiritual paths of the world. If in this case, we becoming God himself are also free from these cycle of birth and death.. so we live for ever as God lives for ever. The divinity is Immortal. Henceforth we become Immortal.