Thirukkural - Thathuva, Yoga, Gnayna Urai || திருக்குறள் - தத்துவ யோக ஞான உரை

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திருக்குறள்  - தத்துவ, யோக, ஞான உரை  

Thirukkural - Thathuva, Yoga, Gnayna Urai

This book is written with 40 years of research on Thirukkural and all other treasures of Tamil literature. It has solved mysteries and unfolded facts that Thiruvalluvar has said in his Great verses of Thirukkural. 

It does not limit the exposure within a border but it has taken us to the extremes. Lots of people have started their researches using this book. 

Type : Hard bound Book
Pages : 1067
Price : Rs.1000 [+ postage]

You can grab you copy by calling to this number +91 99430 450 23. 


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