Yogic Experience at Agna Chakra - Explained

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Question :

valliammai ramanathan wrote:

Dear Ayya,
I listen until part-9 of your arutperum jothi agaval explanation. Excellent ayya. i think no one reveal vallalar's secret like this. Wonderful ayya. why won't you write a explanations for arutperum jothi agaval?
After i listen part-9, i want to share with you one of my experience. and also i have question about that.
Last three months back one day at early morning (around 4:55,I am not sleeping) i felt middle of my eyebrow was really heavy, so i keep on watching middle place of my eyebrow, suddenly i saw some shape(gray in color) and then i saw some slight yellow color and then i saw a bright yellow color light. i know my agna chakra was opened.(but one of the sanmargi said its opened only until the yellow screen. but anyway),
what my question is, i saw some words around that light. But i couldn't read those words. because the whole miracle was happened only few seconds.
Can you please explain me why the words are appearing and what is the meaning of those words. can you please explain me ayya?
(my name is valliramu. I am living in California.
I am a pure vegetarian.) (my childhood was in Attur(Close to Salem.) so i am familier with Salem.)
Please answer my questions when ever the time allows you ayya. Your preaching are so excellent. I expect more preachings from you ayya. last month (April) you give a speech at madras. But still its not upload in internet. so do it as soon as possible ayya. Thank you.
I like to hear lot of your preaching. Thank you ayya. Valli.

Answer :

So far 40 lectures have been given on Arutperum Jothi agaval. More are yet to come. I have given more than 200 lectures on Arutpa both in English and Tamil, they are available on CDs and DVDs. If anybody offers to get them type-written they can be produced in the form of books also. there are more than a 100 projects on Sanmarga.

For want of manpower and funds they are pending.

As far your experience at Agna Chakra it seems to be some what genuine. If I reveal now more about the experiences that are yet to come your mind will at once create them fictionally.

That is the danger one should avoid, so it is better for me not to give any more explanations. A teacher on yoga is expected to say only whether the experience is a real one or a fiction of the mind.

Keep it up. Vallalar will guide you through to the final experience of seeing Arutperum Jothi.



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