What is 'Puruva Matthi' - 'புருவ மத்தி' ?


As a sudha sanmargi I take as the final authority, Vallalar and his arutpa. In arutpa Vallalar says, 1. கையறவு இல்லாத நடுக்கண் புருவப் பூட்டு. What does he mean by 'Nadukun' ?

2. எவ்வித தந்திரத்திலாவது நெற்றிக்கண்ணை திறந்துகொள்க , he says in another place. what is meant by 'Netrikkan'?

3. திருநிலை தனி வெளி சிவ வெளி எனும் ஓர்
அருள் வெளி பதிவளர் அருட்பெரும் ஜோதி . says Vallalar in the Agaval.
He begins the Agaval with A and continues with the poem in the alphabetical order. After twelve vowels when he comes to the thirteenth letter which is "ak", he means ...

4. நெற்றிக்கு நடுவே புருவத்து இடைவெளியில்
உற்று உற்று பார்க்க ஒளிவிடும் மந்திரம்
பற்றுக்கு பற்றாய் பரமன் இருந்த இடம்
சிற்றம்பலம் என்று தேர்ந்து கொண்டேனே

- திருமந்திரம்

5. நடுநாடி நடுநாடி நடராஜர் நடமாடும் பதியே , meaning the central column at the top of which is your third eye - not to the left or to the right.

6. திரையோதசத்தே திகழ்கின்ற என்றே , meaning 'Oh sun resplendent in the thirteenth position.' Here once again Vallalar denotes 'ak' only.

So the third eye of Shiva is clearly denoted by Vallalar and Thirumoolar. We need not get confused.

There are 2 stages to locate this place of the third eye exactly.

Stage 1 : Focus your eyes on the third eye region in the center of your forehead for some months. Then you will have a sensation there always. Once this sensation is established you can go to the next stage.

Stage 2 : Below the crown and above the roof of your mouth exactly at the center of your head is 'Sithsabha' or 'Chitrambalam' or 'Chidhambaram'. Now imagine piercing a lance through the center of your forehead horizontally. At the same time force your breath above the roof of your mouth vertically. These two lines will intersect at a point. That point is 'Chitrambalam', that is where your life spirit is in the form of a light. You have to consciously enter into this 'Chithsabha'. This is the yoga of Suddhsanmarha.

பொற்சபையில் சிற்சபையில் புகும் தருணம் இதுவே

A Siddha clarifies this point in a verse :

உச்சிக்கு கீழே உள்நாவுக்கு மேலே
வச்ச விளக்கு எரியுதடீ .....
One can go on giving innumerable proofs and evidences for the truth of the place of the third eye from Arutpa, Thirumandhiram and the Siddha literature.

- R.Kuppusamy
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  1. Aiya I'm impressed with the explanation and 'the know for yourself' practical approach to become aware of the location of third eye or puruva mathi. Your service to the humanity is of immense need and may longevity prevail with compassion and love. Thank you.
    Kalidas Ponnambalam
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  2. Very nice article ayya! now scientists found there is chemical coming from the 'puruva mathi', I believe it is pineal gland while you meditate deeply which is called N-N-DMT.

    I wonder how our spiritual leaders found it those days and used it wisely.

  3. அய்யா

    மிக பயனுள்ள பதிவு இது. மிக்க நன்றி.

  4. great information....thanks for atleast saying right meaning dear guru some people say vasi yogam in different meaning. thanks alot