Difference between the Samadhi margam and the Sahaja margam

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Question by : P.K.Magendran and Karthikeyan
Question : What is the difference between the samadhi margam and the sahaja margam insisted by our vallalar.

Answer by Kuppusamy R.

In pathanjali's Astanga yoga there are 8 stages,

1. Yama
2. Niyama
3. Asana
4. Pranayama
5. Prathyahara
6. Dharana
7. Dhyana
8. Samadhi

Samadhi is the last stage beyond meditation. There is total immobility and total absorption in ones self but sahaja samadhi is beyond that. One can be active but the samadhi state of silence will continue. One acts from the absolute consciousness of God head. One is here in the world doing all things like ordinary human beings but acting from the center of absolute consciousnes.

By practising jeeva karunya, forgetting oneself totally and immersing oneself in the wellfare of other beings, all the eight stages of yoga are bypassed and one attains at the sahaja samadhi state directly. It is the short cut recommended by swami ramalinga.

Yoga of compassion towards all beings is the highest form of yoga and the shortest one to salvation.


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