What is 8 and 2?

Question by Ram : What is 8 and 2?

Dear Ram,

In Tamil, 8 is denoted by அ. 2 is denoted by உ . When both are combined it becomes ஒ . God is denoted by the letter அகரம் . Jeeva is denoted by உகரம். When joined together we get ஓம்காரம். That is what we find in the form of shivalingam in a temple of Lord Shiva. Swami Ramalingam says, you don't understand the fund of knowledge symbolized by Shivalinga. You simply watch and gloat over its ornamentation during festival times. When you understand the real significance you will attain the divine feet of the Lord.
Please refer to the Arutpa :

கட்டோடே கனதொடே ....

In saiva siddhanta we have a saying :
இலிங்கம் என்பது எட்டிரண்டே .

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