What is 'Brahma Gnana'?

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Gnana means knowledge, and knowledge is of three kinds
1. Paasa Gnana or Knowledge of the world, made of five elements or scientific knowledge.
2. Pasu Gnana or Knowledge of the soul or knowledge of philosophy.
3. Pathi Gnana or Knowledge of Godhead or knowledge of absolute consciousness.

Scientific knowledge of the world of five elements as well as of the human body can be learnt by using our five senses and the faculty of mind.

Knowledge of the soul cannot be attained by senses or mind. It can be attained only by the soul it is called self-realization. It can be done only by activating the sleeping soul. This can be done only by going beyond the mind by some kind of Yoga or Sath Vichara known as self-inquiry.

Knowledge of God cannot be attained by human effort. Atleast this is the point of you expressed by saivism, saiva siddhantha philosophy as well as suddha sanmaarga of Vallalar. But the Godless, athestic religions such as buddhism, Jainism etc., claim it can be known by human effort.

'அவன் அருளாலே அவன் தாள் வணங்கி '. Only by God's grace one can attain His devine feet says saint Maanika vasagar.

Knowledge of God or Brahma Gnana is variously described by various religious leaders. Thiruvalluvar gives God eight attributes. He calls Him engunathaan [எண்குணத்தான்]. God is every where. God is omnicient. God is Omnipotent. God has a pure body. God is basically stainless of any mala or error. God is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of all things and all beings. God is divide of likes and dislikes. God is always blissful. God has got absolute consciousness and in One place Vallalar says God is all good things, all blissful things and all things of knowledge.
In short man is endowed with relative knowledge. God is endowed with absolute knowledge.

Mans mind is divided into 3 facuties,
Itcha or desire.
Kria or will.
Gnana or Knowledge.

But in God these three faculties are always fused together and act simultaneously. There is no intervel of time between them for God is beyond division, beyond time and beyond place.

Brahma Gnana according to Vallalar is absolute knowledge born of total compassion of God towards all beings irrespective of any division of creed / caste / religion / language / nationality or even form.

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